Welcome to Our Latest Champion, James Hilton

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Horsfall House is pleased to work with our new ‘champion’ personal trainer James Hilton.

In a wonderful gesture of community support, personal trainer James Hilton has pledged to give back to the Cotswold community by choosing us as his charitable partner for 2024.

James, renowned for specialising in fitness for those over 55 and the creator of the online gym, Jim’s Gym, has made commitments to us which include donating time and fundraising for us.

This means we can offer our residents and guests some fitness sessions which are tailored to their needs and which helps them to keep moving and to be as active as they can.

James Hilton’s Commitment to Making a Difference

James, who lives near Stroud, plans to actively engage with our residents by leading monthly free exercise sessions, offering them an opportunity to stay active and enhance their overall well-being. In addition to his time, James aims to raise crucial funds by undertaking the challenge of running in at least one marathon in 2024. We will update everyone in due course once he’s signed up!

An enthusiastic James said “I’m experienced in working with older adults, which enables me to give back to those who cannot easily access tailored exercise services but could benefit immensely from some extra movement. Not only for the physical benefits but cognitively too. As important as anything else, I relish the idea of making people smile through the power of games for an hour or two every month.”

A thank you from us:

We’re so grateful for James’ support, as we rely heavily on the goodwill and generosity of people just like him to continue to run our services on a not-for-profit basis. His experience in getting older people up and moving will be a great asset to our already diverse activities portfolio. The fact he is also looking to fundraise for us, is equally generous and we are always open to partnering with other local businesses and groups, both in services they are able to offer, but also through fundraising partnerships.

For example, £900 generated from fundraising would cover the costs of upgrading a bed and would go a long way to improving our residents’ quality of life.

A Year of Well-being Ahead

The collaboration between Horsfall House and James Hilton stands as a shining example to the power of community connections and the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals come together for a shared cause. James Hilton specialises in working with the over 55s who wish to stay active, train for specific events, recover from injury or illness through Jim’s Gym and in person. For more information visit https://www.jameshilton.fitness.

If you would like to ‘champion’ Horsfall House in the same way, please get in touch.

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