Day Centre

The Dr Booth Day Centre is a warm, safe and welcoming environment. The staff are highly qualified with specialist knowledge and provide an enjoyable day for visitors with the addition of any individual care that may be needed.

We are open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm

Why choose our Day Centre?

The Dr Booth Day Centre at Horsfall House is a hugely popular destination. Open Monday to Friday it offers social and physical stimulation through a range of activities.

Refreshments are available throughout the day as well as a home-cooked meal at lunchtime and transport is available to collect visitors from their own homes and return them at the end of the day.

Musical Entertainment

Reminiscence Sessions

Games (Quizzes, Crosswords. etc)

Reflexology & Hand Massage

Animal Therapy

Dance Therapies

Extend Exercises

Arts & Crafts

Cooking & Baking

Children's Therapy Group

Gardening Sessions

Emma Haste


Emma has worked in the Day Centre at Horsfall House since 2003 after the birth of her daughter.

She first started as a Care Assistant to provide physical and stimulating activities and support individuals with their personal care needs. She progressed over the years to build on her career within the Unit eventually becoming the Day Centre Manager in September 2019.

Emma has gained Qualifications within Horsfall House in Health and Social Care level 2 and 3, ILM Team Leader level 2, VRQ level 2 in Health and Safety and Infection Control and she is also the infection control link for her unit.  Emma has an exceptional team of Carers, Drivers and volunteers that are supportive, hardworking and committed to ensuring individuals are cared for in a friendly and safe environment.

Emma refers to the Day Centre as a “Nest” where we keep clients safe and happy. 

Looking for a relaxing, daily retreat with a focus on social and physical stimulation? Fill out our application form and we will gladly assist!

If you still require further information before making an application, please do give us a call.

01453 731227

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