Donations contribute to our fundraising for the benefit of all our residents.

Are my gifts eligible for Gift Aid?

Yes, providing you are a UK tax payer and you have paid (or expect to pay) the same amount, or more, in either Income Tax, or Capital Gains Tax in the same tax year.

For more on Gift Aid please visit our Fundraising page.

How do I setup a regular donation?

You can set up a regular donations by following the prompts for regular giving on the donate function.

Are there any fees related to credit card transactions?

We are charged a small % equivalent to a few pence for donations received by debit or credit card, but these are absorbed by the charity. All donations are welcomed regardless.

How do I give by cheque?

Online giving is preferred as it saves in administration costs. Cheques however can be made to The Minchinhampton Centre for the Elderly Ltd.

Can I give tax efficiently by other methods?

Yes, please give us a call on 01453 731227 to speak with our Head of Marketing and Fundraising, David.

How do I make a gift "in memory of" or "in honour of" someone?

Certainly. More information on this can be found here.

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