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Give in Memory
Give as You Earn
Give as you shop
Non-Cash Gifts

Give in Memory

You may wish to honour a loved one’s life by giving to a cause they believed in. Making an ‘In Memory’ gift is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one. This way, we can celebrate someone’s life by creating a lasting tribute, so that their values live on. 

Many funeral directors are happy to organise funeral collections and send us the donations themselves. We can provide Giving Slips and envelopes so Gift Aid can be claimed too.

You may also wish to set an online tribute and collection page for friends who aren’t able to be there on the day. We recommend using Much Loved. Your funeral director can help with this. We would also be happy to help or you can do it yourself. 

Give as You Earn

If you want to give to Horsfall House on a regular basis, payroll giving is a great option.

Your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, meaning that part of your donation comes from money that would have otherwise gone to HMRC.

Donating this way allows you give even more to Horsfall House and to ensure we receive regular financial support. Please notify us when you begin payroll giving so we can ensure your donation is reaching the correct place.

Contact the payroll department at your place of work to find out if they operate a give as you earn scheme.

Give as you shop

Give as You Live

You can raise extra funds for Horsfall House every time you shop online – all without putting your hand deeper into your pocket.

Give as you Live brings together thousands of leading retailers, including John Lewis, Expedia and Tesco, who have all signed up to donate a percentage of every purchase you make online.

Easy Fundraising

Collect free donations for Horsfall House every time you shop, the easyfundraising way. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

“When you shop the easyfundraising way with one of our 3,144 shops and sites they give us a commission for your purchase. We turn that into a donation and give it to your good cause. Easy!”

Non-Cash Gifts

Do you wonder if all of your resources—the stuff and the finances—could be used for some greater purpose?

Horsfall House now accepts non-cash gifts of all kinds.

We can process that old vehicle, electronics, stock etc. and liquidate those non-cash gifts into funds that support our mission to “providing the highest quality care, through the delivery of a suite of specialist services to support the needs of the elderly in our communities”.

To find out more give us a call on 01453 731227 or drop us a message.

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